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Article: Aromatherapy Yoga Practices - Scents for Yoga And Meditation

Aromatherapy Yoga Practices - Scents for Yoga And Meditation

Aromatherapy Yoga Practices - Scents for Yoga And Meditation

Rich and abundant with diverse trees and plants, and fragrant flowers, nature provides the best to use it for various aromatic and therapeutic benefits. The sweet aroma, exuberant scents, rife, and lush green colors thrill our senses and delight our souls. Our incense sticks and essential oils reproduce and reflect the magical atmosphere of nature and allow us to enjoy and experience it.  The finest aromatic extracts, herbs, flowers, resins, and roots are selected carefully with superior expertise and insight. The pleasing and peaceful environments created by burning our incense sticks encourage yoga and meditation, providing relaxation.

Here we have listed selective Incense fragrances that can take a yoga routine to the next level. The natural fragrances alleviate stress and strain, inducing feelings of profound peace, and helping you recall tender moments of joy and love.

Yellow Incense - Ylang Ylang::

Yoga Incense benefits

Our Ylang Ylang incense is made from the finest aromatic extracts, flowers, resins, roots, essential oils, along with the finest natural herbs. You will experience pleasant fragrance in your entire space while you are practicing yoga or meditation. The floral fragrance is recognized to reduce tension in your body. Besides, it helps release negative emotions, including sadness, frustration, and depression.

Orange Incense - Cinnamon:

Cinnamon Yoga Incense

Our Orange Incense is the ideal choice for creative minds. The cinnamon composition in our Orange Incense is recognized for stimulation towards business success, prosperity, and wealth. Enjoy this organic and all-natural incense to help purge lethargy. We bring it to you in a pack of 200 sticks, 4.5” length each, inspiring the spaces around you.

Pink Incense - Patchouli

Pink patchouli Incense -Yoga

Patchouli fragrance became extremely popular during the 1960s and 1970s and was widely used in incense because of its association with yoga and meditation, the New Age spiritual practices. Our Pink Incense is made using a patchouli-based flowery blend of all-natural resins, essences, herbal extracts, and dried herbs. It has an earthy and strong fragrance, expelling negativity and heightening your concentration levels. You can burn our Pink Incense in your spaces to stimulate meditation and spirituality. Besides, the powerful cleansing aroma will bring clarity and balance, creating a sacred and calming atmosphere.

Green Incense - Parijat:

Parijat Green Incense Sticks

The subtle and invigorating fragrances of Parijat in our Green Incense will attract positive energy, providing you relaxation in your yoga and meditation practices. It is made from all-natural and herbal ingredients, filling your air with a soothing, earthy, and musky aroma. You can burn our Green Incense to fill your air with a breezing environment.

Sandalwood Incense Pack 

Sandalwood Incense Sticks

Our special incense series, the Sandalwood Incense, has a woody and sweet-smelling fragrance. It provides a soothing effect on body, soul, mind. You can burn our Sandalwood Incense during yoga and meditation to fill your air with a soothing, earthy, and musky aroma.

Chakra Incense Pack:

Chakra Incense Pack

Our special Chakra Incense pack is blended with fragrances of Cedar, Ylang Ylang, Lotus, Jasmine Lavender, Rose, and Eucalyptus. It comes in a pack of 84 incense sticks, including 12 sticks in 7 individually wrapped sets. You can practice yoga and meditation with a calm mind, helping you perform better in spiritual practices.

Why our incense is special to you and the Nature Too

  • 100% natural 
  •  Burns slow and low
  •  Chemical-free
  •  Do not involve child labor
  •  Environmental-friendly
  •  Hand-rolled
  •  Low smoke

Natural Potpourri - Frankincense & Bergamot

Frankincense Bergamot Potpourri

Our Natural Potpourri has a blend of Frankincense and Bergamot, our premium fragrance oils. It will diffuse steadily to provide you long-lasting ambiance and scent in your yoga and meditation sessions. Our pure essential oils in this Natural Potpourri will help deliver a calming aroma to promote relaxation.

Natural Potpourri - Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze Potpourri

Our Ocean Breeze Natural Potpourri will add a pleasant odor to your relaxation and spiritual practices. It is a blend of spices, herbs, leaves, dry flowers, and a dash of essential oils. Added with fixative tossed in our Natural Potpourri to hold the natural blend all together. You can use it as a scented decoration, place it in jars, bowls, and vases to make you feel refreshing, pleasurable, and relaxing.

Meditation Blend Oil

Meditation Blend Oil

The Angelica-based Meditation Blend Oil is comforting, warming, grounding, and revitalizing at once. This versatile oil has a relaxant effect and helps support the detoxification process and circulatory system. Our Meditation Blend Oil is characterized by a musky and spicy odor, with Angelica blend serving as a primary ingredient in perfume blending. You can use this oil through direct inhalation, in the bath, as a compress, topically, or diffuse it in your spaces with our Mahan Diffuser when you are sitting for your yoga and meditation sessions.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential oils

It is the most common essential oil used in various settings. Our Lavender essential oil is ideal for people practicing yoga and meditation as it provides relaxation. You will get the most out of each spiritual session. It is also called “Starter Oil” for people getting into meditation and spiritual practices.

Jasmine Essential Oil:

We extract our Jasmine Essential Oil from Jasmine Shrubs’ blooms. It is recognized for its sweet and distinct fragrance. You can meditate or perform spiritual practices with our Jasmine Essential Oil to get a relaxing session, fostering your feelings and perking you up physically and mentally.

Chakra Essential Oil Pack:

Chakra blend Oils Pack

Our Chakra Essential Oils pack has seven chakra oils, including Solar Plexus, Heart, Root, Third Eye, Sacral, Throat, and the Crown Chakra oils. You can activate your chakras with our aromatic oils to harmonize your inner state and mind. These oils will assist in harmony that works together for all systems, the energy, emotional, mental, and physical in yoga and meditation. It will balance your energy system and bring awareness.

Mahan Diffuser:

1000ml Oil Diffuser

Our Mahan Diffuser comes with a 1000 ml capacity, the ideal one for large spaces. It is an elegant and uniquely designed diffuser, bringing a sense of exotic when practicing yoga and meditation. It will also elevate your mood, creating a calming effect, setting a positive atmosphere, and inspiring high spirits in relaxation sessions. The PP material in our Mahan Diffuser will protect it from atmospheric oxidation and corrosion. It comes with a multi-colored LED light, making your environment pleasing and sensual.


We use environmental-friendly production methods and traditional techniques to provide you the superior aromatic experience. We believe that every living being is equally important and right to live, and thus we avoid using animal products or testing on animals. Besides, avoid involving child labor, helping you build satisfaction and confidence in buying our aromatic products. These incense sticks and essential oils can enhance a positive atmosphere, bring peace of mind, and promote harmony. It will also create a purified atmosphere for yoga, meditation, and relaxation, as it helps provide contemplative moods. You can try our huge collection of incense sticks and essential oils for aromatherapy, healing, yoga, and meditation, offering you relaxation and inner peace.



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