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Authentic marjoram scent

Lovely great quality incense. Very happy.

1000 ML Essential Oil Diffuser

Great loving it.

Joy Incense 8" 12 Sticks
Katherine Fratto

I loved the scent of Joy and all of your other fragrances, it's a pleasure to walk into a room !

powder fresh

I loved the smell of Ocean Breeze it reminds me of clean baby powder, just a subtle beautiful scent ! I will be ordering more in the future.

Quality items

Great quality, enjoyable fragrance

Lotus & Parijat Incense 8" 50 Sticks

Sandalwood Incense 8" 10 Sticks

Amazing! :)

The scent comes right off even if just burned for just a little bit! It feels like it cleanses very well too :)

Nice sent and no choking


Really lovely fragrance, ahhhh….great quality.

Lemon Essential Oil
Sandra Garratt
Lemon Essential Oil

Wonderful product, shipped fast and great quality.

Lovely and calming

These incense sticks smell devine and I always feel a sense of peace when I smell them throughout my home. Very fair price and happy with my purchase.

Orange Essential Oil
Sandra Garratt
Orange essential oil

Lovely fragrance and great quality.

manipura incense

The aroma is soft. Calming.

Great product

Love the larger diffuser and the light feature at night.

Pet Chamomile Incense Sticks

Holy Basil Essential Oil
Shirley Ruscetta

Holy Basil Essential Oil


It was okay, the scent didn't last long.
By the way, your website needs maintenance I guess, I was there earlier trying to order products and it appeared garbled or unstable.


I am usually allergic to citrus y smells but seems to fill the air with a berry citrus aroma. Not harming me, allergy wise

Incense did not.

I was anticipating the smell like that of the incense that I purchased from the Arab convenience stores. Did not happen unfortunately. However, the oil receive a rating of 5, although it is small.

I love Patchouli as well as all the other fragrances of incense I bought from you. Thank you much. OP

Pillar Candle 85 gram
Valerie Nance

Pillar Candle 85 gram


I wanted to burn incense in my apartment but I have two cats. I wanted something safe for them. I still open my windows, but they don’t seem bothered at all! Glad to feel like I can relax without worrying about my pets’ health.

Exceeded my expectations

Price was good, fast, fast, fast shipping. Highly recommended vendor.

Damn good incense 😻

Smells great 👍 burns well
If u like coconut this is for you