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I love Patchouli as well as all the other fragrances of incense I bought from you. Thank you much. OP

Pillar Candle 85 gram
Valerie Nance

Pillar Candle 85 gram


I wanted to burn incense in my apartment but I have two cats. I wanted something safe for them. I still open my windows, but they don’t seem bothered at all! Glad to feel like I can relax without worrying about my pets’ health.

Exceeded my expectations

Price was good, fast, fast, fast shipping. Highly recommended vendor.

Damn good incense 😻

Smells great 👍 burns well
If u like coconut this is for you

Orange Essential Oil

Pet Marjoram Incense Sticks

Great incense!!!

Love the product 👍easy handling and great smelling. Got one burn ing now. Thanks for this wonderful product!!!🥰

Bamboo Minis

Very unique and pleasing. Love the modified burn lengths.

Peaceful forest

The frankinsence is awesome also. Love your products.

Very Good Sticks

These incense sticks are excellent quality and burn longer than most. I definitely prefer some over others, but the wide unique selection means there’s something for everyone. I will certainly order more in the future.


Nice, subtle fragrance

Nice addition

The brass stand I bought was just what I needed. It looks good, is very durable and allows the incense to stay secure in place while catching the ashes without the mess.


Smells great

Lovely scent!

I have no idea what a tuberose smells like but this incense has a lovely whiff of floral (sort of rose like) that I really enjoy. I have purchased many scents from and this is a new one for me and I can see that it will be a favorite.

Smells nice

This is my first purchase with your company 4 the price of 80 sticks 4 less than $10. I couldn't resist trying the incense. The scent is nice and lasts pretty long!! 😁👍

So far I love this candle

I've only burned this candle a couple of times but it smells really beautiful and you can tell that it's quality wax and ingredients. This is the first candle I've ordered and I'm really happy with it

Frankincense Incense 10" inch 12 Sticks

Clean and slow burning incense. They smells great, too. I am so grateful I found this website. I highly recommend them.

So far the products I have used are very good.

No more choking

I tried lots of insensticks before
Finally found doesn’t make me choking.