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Neem Powder

Discover the vitality of our Neem Powder which is the ultimate secret to nurturing healthy hair, vibrant skin, fortified immunity, and balanced digestive health.

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    Neem Powder Neem Powder
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    Sourced from the revered neem tree, this versatile neem powder encapsulates the natural goodness of neem leaves, a cherished gem in the realm of Ayurveda. Embrace the antioxidant, antibacterial, and nutrient-rich neem and embark on a wellness journey that transforms you on every level.

    Contents: This pack contains 50gm of pure neem powder


    Promotes healthy hair and skin

    Controls dandruff and relieves itchiness

    Helps combat oily skin, acne, and blemishes

    Boosts immunity

    Supports internal and external detoxification

    Good to know / Safety


    • Conduct a patch test before applying neem powder to your skin or hair to check for any allergic reactions.
    • If you have sensitive skin, dilute neem powder with a suitable carrier like yogurt or honey.
    • If you have underlying health conditions or are taking medications, consult a healthcare provider before incorporating neem powder into your routine.
    • Consult a healthcare professional before using neem powder during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
    • Use it in moderation as excessive use might lead to dryness or irritation.
    • Store neem powder in a cool, dry place to maintain its freshness and potency.

    Not sure if the product is right for you?

    Not sure if the product is right for you?

    Here is a detailed guide to the various benefits and ways to use the product.

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    Neem Powder