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You've probably heard people talk about "balancing" or “opening” their chakras.  But what are chakras? The chakra system is an ancient, sacred concept of the energetic life force within the body. Chakra translates to "wheel" in Sanskrit and refers to the vortices of energetic activity, or prana, that flow through the body, emanating from specific areas, connecting our spiritual bodies to our physical one. Through the chakra system, areas of the body and psyche are linked with associated metaphysical realms. When all of our chakras are in balance and harmony, energy flows through them freely and unobstructed. 

Manipura Essential Oil
Manipura Essential Oil Sale price$14.99
Anahata Essential oils
Anahata Essential Oil Sale price$25.99
Svadhisthana Essential Oil
Ajna Essential Oil
Ajna Essential Oil Sale price$22.99
Sahasrara Essential Oil
Sahasrara Essential Oil Sale price$23.99
Muladhara Essential Oil - Chakra
Muladhara Essential Oil Sale price$24.99
Chakra Oils pack
Chakra Essential Oil Set Sale price$108.99
Vishuddha Essential Oil - Fifth Chakra
Vishuddha Essential Oil Sale price$16.99