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Promise inner healing with the specially made Chakra incense pack.The hand-rolled Chakra incense series aims to activate the seven chakras present in our body.Our handcrafted incense burns clean and infused with pure natural aromatic ingredients.The gift pack has has handpicked fragrances of Lotus,Jasmine,Eucalyptus,Rose,Lavender,Ylang Ylang and Cedar. The aura cleansing chakra incense is an ideal gift to your loved ones for any special occasion.

Chakra balancing incense kit:

  • 84 incense sticks – 7 individually wrapped sets w. 12 incense sticks in each
  • each set is geared towards one of your 7 chakras:
  • crown chakra – lotus
  • third eye chakra – jasmine
  • throat chakra – eucalyptus
  • heart chakra – rose
  • solar plexus chakra – lavender
  • sacral chakra – ylang ylang
  • root chakra – cedar

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Nyla Bolar

Chakra Incense Pack

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Delivery was timely. Product looks and smells fantastic, and they included two free incense packs. I have not used it as it is a Christmas gifts for my parents who smoke often and light a lot of incense to cover the smell. However I’m sure they’ll love it! Aaliyah Broussard
First of all, the service is amazing! I placed my order, and it shipped the very next day. From order to delivery, I had my products in four days. Everything was well-p