Lavender Incense sticks

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Being more than just a delightful flowery mixture, our Lavender incense sticks release an accentuating and mystic touch of comforting scent, which instantly awakens your senses and takes you to your happy place, helping you rewind wherever you are.

Lavender incense has a quintessentially floral fragrance.

Our Traditional Lavender Incense Sticks are available in 8 Inch and pack contains 10 sticks.

Hand-crafted incense sticks

Toxic-free incense 


Perfect for Everyday 

For Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation & Peace of Mind 

8 Inch Long - Approximately 20 Mins burn Time 


Made from Organic Flowers


Revitalises Body & Mind

2.99 - Flat rate Shipping 

30 Days Free returns

Money Back Guarantee


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