Neem Comb for a healthy scalp

Among the millions of beautiful things nature has provided us, wood is the most versatile. The natural material is crafted in multiple ways, from furniture to paper, and has been a perfect material to hand-carve excellent combs from time immemorial. 

Hair is our crowning glory, and we all want to keep it healthy and attractive. But have you ever considered what a good comb could do for your hair and scalp? We often overlook this small piece of art when creating a hair care regimen for ourselves. 

Heard About Neem!

Neem, as in many hair and skin care products, has multiple good values. A comb made of neem wood is, therefore, one of the best ways to groom your tresses. The neem comb is multi-faceted and extremely beneficial to our health as well as the environment. Scientifically proven, the neem comb can help treat many issues like hair fall, dandruff, and other scalp irritations. Let us tell you about the beautiful aspects of a neem comb, so you can adapt this minimalist item to uplift your lovely silky locks or even men’s grizzly beards.

Let's start first with understanding the fundamental properties Of  Neem!

Neem or Azadirachta indica is a member of the mahogany family, Meliaceae. The neem tree’s wood has curative, germicidal, and antibacterial properties. This plant’s immense benefits have been to treat infection, inflammations, skin diseases, fever, asthma, and dental disorders. No bacteria or insects can come near this potent.

The wood of neem also has antifungal properties and has been utilized to make products like kitchenware, household products, furniture, and beauty products. One such hair care product is the neem wood comb. Trust us when we say, “Ditch the plastic comb today”! And here is Why?

The Magical Neem Comb

The wood of neem has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Using this wood in hair products like a comb can relieve the scalp of many infections.. Unlike a regular plastic comb, these wooden combs smoothen the hair with minimal breakage. The wooden comb is a healthier and eco-friendly option for taking care of the hair. Along with other hair care products, the neem hair comb offers the safest remedial treatment for scalp issues. The topical use of a comb presents no potential threat to the user’s hair, skin, or health.

Neem Comb As A Remedy

As we have stated before, neem has innumerable medicinal benefits and can treat hair and scalp concerns. We have highlighted a few points below to understand the benefits.

Curbs  Dandruff

Famous for its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, neem is an effective way to curb dandruff issues. Dandruff caused by a build-up and clogged hair follicles and excess secretion of oils builds a breeding ground for all kinds of infections. These infections cause the scalp to dry and produce dead cells. The skin starts to peel, causing flaking known as dandruff. The neem comb infuses its properties into the scalp while gently massaging it during combing. It keeps away the bacteria and germs, thereby helping to control dandruff to a large extent.

Soothes Itchy Scalp, Controls Alopecia

The neem comb enriched with neem properties also soothes sores and irritations. The comb minimizes itchy scalps’ discomfort and controls conditions like alopecia which are very common in American climates.

Prevent Hair Loss:

Combing with a neem comb will arrest the progress of balding. It is a natural remedy of hair loss. The wood’s healing properties will strengthen the hair follicles, reducing hair fall. Combing also increases blood circulation in the scalp, encouraging hair growth. It also has anti-static properties which minimize hair-tearing.

Balances Natural Oil Content

The neem comb also helps balance and control scalp’s oil secretion, which reduces build-up and sticky, limp hair. It also removes loose impurities and increases moisturization. The perfect balance of oil and moisture in the scalp makes hair shiny and healthy.

 Promotes Hair Growth

Given the health benefits derived from the neem wood, the comb arrests infections and enhances hair health. It increases blood circulation, reduces breakage and static, curbs balding and dandruff issues, balances oil secretion and soothes the discomfort of scalp issues. Together, they strengthen the hair follicles, nourish the scalp, and promote healthy hair growth.

Increases Circulation

The gentle teeth of these combs, with rounded tips, offer a light massage to the scalp when you run it through your hair. The massage increases blood circulation, promoting hair growth and maximising hair health. It also presses lightly on the nerves, giving you a calm and relaxed feeling.

Benefits Of A Neem Comb:

Natural product:

Neem wood combs are 100% natural and environment-friendly. They provide a non-invasive, herbal way to keep the hair healthy and devoid of scalp issues. These combs are usually handcrafted and eco-friendly.

Gentle on the hair

Neem wood combs come with rounded tips and broad teeth. It is gentle on the hair and scalp, unlike plastic combs and also offers a light massage to the scalp with its smooth tips.

Prevents infections:

Neem wood combs prevent the growth of microbes and fungi. It promotes scalp and hair health, giving the hair a renewed shine.

Relieves symptoms:

These combs control hair loss and flaking. It gives relief to the itchy scalp caused due to dandruff. Their antimicrobial properties take care of the root cause, minimizing issues like alopecia, redness, itching, flaking, hair loss etc.

Controls hair

The neem wood comb gently untangles the hair with minimum breakage. It prevents static and flyaway hair and also controls frizz. The hair feels smooth, soft and rejuvenated.

Maintenance Of Neem Combs

The goodness of a neem comb is in its properties. Therefore, it is advised not to wash the comb with harsh chemicals, dishwashing liquids or detergents. Since it is natural wood, do not pre-soak the comb. It will lose its durability, and the wood can get soggy and catch moss. It could also make the wood swell and create splinters.

The best maintenance of a neem wood comb is gently to rub the comb with a few drops of linseed oil or flaxseed oil. Let the comb sit with the oil for half an hour. The oil would dry up within this time. Wipe the surface of the comb gently with a soft cloth.

The other way of cleaning a neem wood comb is to soak the comb in warm water with a mild soap for two to three minutes in case of heavy and stubborn grime. Remember, wood is not water-friendly. Wipe away the dirt by running a soft cloth between the tines. If the muck is stubborn, scrub the comb very gently with an old soft toothbrush. Dry the comb completely, preferably in the sun. Once cleaned, apply a few drops of hair oil evenly on the comb.


The neem comb is an eco-friendly and natural way to give your hair the tender love and care it deserves. Our hair is exposed to multiple environmental aggressors and chemical products, and it goes through some rigorous torture. Along with all the hair care products one uses, a neem comb is a simple yet worthy addition to the regimen. The benefits of a neem wood comb surpass every plastic or silicon brush.