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Article: 9 Powerful Benefits Of Incense Sticks and Uses

benefits of incense

9 Powerful Benefits Of Incense Sticks and Uses

Incense Benefits

If you are a great fan of incense sticks like us, you would agree that they are not just powerful odor eaters. They have an everlasting positive impact on our mind and body. From relieving our stress and anxiety to rejuvenating and refreshing us, they have got a lot more to offer.

However, care should be taken to make sure that your are burning premium quality incense sticks which are made with pure fragrances, as a poor quality incense stick would just be a mere pollutant and would cause more harm than good to your health. It is essential to understand the importance of burning pure incense sticks, as the fumes that reach your lungs and might be toxic for your health, if otherwise.

That said; let’s have a quick look at a few powerful benefits of commonly used incense.

                      Serves as a pleasant backdrop to meditation

Incense Benefits

Take your meditation practice to a new level by burning incense sticks made from sandalwood, rose, lavender, and jasmine. They create a calm and serene environment wherever they are burnt. This, in turn, boosts your concentration and focus, thus helping you out while you offer prayers and do meditation.

                    De- Stresses and relaxes

Incense sticks can help for De-stresses and relaxes

Sandalwood incense has been in use for more than 4000 years now and is known for its relaxing benefits. It promotes a sense of well-being and relaxes your mind, body, and soul with its exotic yet sweet scent.

Boosts sexual drive

helps for sexual Drive

Yes, incense sticks can even help you in balancing your emotions. Cinnamon incense works best for males, while jasmine and rose incense sticks heighten the romantic mood in women.

Induces a blissful sleep

Incense for Sleep

Various incense sticks, especially the ones with lavender and patchouli scents are sedative in nature and puts you to a deep relaxing sleep if you are a light sleeper. So, next time when you are finding it hard to sleep, burn an incense stick, and rest assured, you’ll sleep better.

Helps overcome depression

benefits of incense

Incense sticks can help you fight depression. Burning incense sticks with Frankincense works by activating ion channels that are responsible for alleviating your depression and anxiety. It also enables you to stay grounded and relaxed, further boosting your wellbeing.

Prevents infections

incense sticks uses

Various incenses have antibacterial properties that work by killing germs present in the environment. As a result, an infection carried by germs in the air does not spread, thus boosting your health and body.

Confidence booster

Needless to say, one’s confidence is hugely impacted by one’s ability to focus on certain things. Incense sticks work by boosting your focus and leave you motivated, thus making you feel confident. It is highly recommended to burn incense before a big date, or presentation which would boost your confidence and your chances of success.

Drives the negative energy out

incense will help to Drives the negative energy out

Cedar and Sage incense drive out negative energies, influences, and spirits from your surroundings. This is the reason why these are highly used since ages to purify places and people before an important ceremony.

Relieves you from minor pain

Relieves you from minor pain

Certain fragrances, especially rose incense is found to have high serotonin levels which works as a mild painkiller. It also helps in boosting your mood and lowering your blood pressure.

That said; these are some of the amazing and powerful benefits of incense sticks that aim to better your lifestyle and health. However, care should be taken that you only burn the pure incense sticks to fetch the best results.

What are your views on this? How often do you use incense sticks and how have they helped you in transforming your mind and body? Do let us know in the comments!

Purifies the air

Not only Air freshner make your house smell wonderful, many essential oils and herbs contain antibacterial properties too, meaning that burning incense is an effective way to help purify the air from any harmful pollutants or dust that may contribute to allergies.

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