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Article: Essential Oil Diffusers Guide

Essential Oil Diffusers Guide

Essential Oil Diffusers Guide

Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy is a complementary healing treatment that uses essential oils obtained from natural plant extracts to boost the health of the body, mind and spirit.

Aromatherapy has over the years gained popularity in the treatment and calming of conditions associated with stress, anxiety, allergies as well as pain and symptoms of dementia. Aromatherapy products like candles, essential oils and bath products which were once far-flung are now readily available in stores and have been lauded as essential in promoting healthy living, relieving stress and soothing babies.

Benefits of aromatherapy:

Essential oils provide benefits that allow you to care for your atmosphere. For instance, eucalyptus oil creates a protecting atmosphere, lavender inspires peace and calming, tea tree purifies and lemon cleanses. Essential oils care for your air which in turn cares for you.

Aromatherapy has an array of benefits. It’s said to manage pain, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety, soothe sore joints, treat headaches and migraines, ease side the effects of chemotherapy, alleviate discomforts of labour, fight bacteria, virus, or fungus, boost digestion, improve hospice and palliative care, and lastly boost immunity.

Aromatherapy can be experienced through a variety of ways including:

Aromatherapy massage:

Massage is considered a popular method of aromatherapy application. A blend of drops of essential oil mixed with carrier lotions can affect the body both psychologically and physiologically depending on your choice of essential oil. For instance, lavender is known as an essential oil for relaxation whereas Peppermint may also help in the treatment of anxiety and mental fatigue which are symptoms that are usually experienced by allergy sufferers. During the massage, the olfactory sense is triggered using essential oils. Some oils are drawn into the skin and eventually the bloodstream to produce healing effects.

Aromatherapy Massage


Mixing aromatherapy essential oils with your bath water is an easy way to cash in on their health benefits. The scent triggers your olfactory sense, which in turn enhances your circulation and helps promote physical balance.

Essential oil Bath


This is done by adding a few drops of your preferred essential oil to a bowl of warm water. Dipping a washcloth into the blend and wringing out. The washcloth is then used as a compress to apply it to areas of the body that need pain relief, such as muscles, and forehead. They are effective for menstrual cramps as well.

Compress Massage Using Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Vapor Inhalation:

Steam inhalation is very popular in the treatment of sinus or respiratory issues. Simply add essential oil for allergies to steaming water and inhale the scent using a towel tent-covered around your head to contain the aroma as you inhale it.


Lotions and creams:

Add essential oil to your favorite carrier lotion, massage oil or cream to arouse healing properties.

Lotion and Cream


Scents are powerful and a simple smell can instantly provoke a powerful memory of a person or place. By evoking emotions and memories, scents are capable of impacting our bodies through the nervous system. The fragrances of essential oils are emanated to stimulate the senses. Aroma candles are made for holistic curative care to provide well-being to the body, mind, and spirit. Scented candles are used, both for their pleasant fragrances, and for their ability to change our mood and help us feel good.

Scented candles come in a wide variety of scents like lavender, vanilla, citrus, geranium, cinnamon, sandalwood, jasmine, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

Aromatherapy Candles


Diffusing essential oils in your surrounding is a great way of creating the desired atmosphere. Most diffusers are ultrasonic hence they use water to disperse the oil into the air. Essential oil diffusers disperse essential oils as vapour all through the air where they are absorbed gently into the body through the respiratory system.

Some of the ways of diffusing essential oils include:

Candle lamp diffusion

Candle lamps use a tea light candle placed under a bowl whereby a mixture of water and essential oil boils gently at a low temperature. The water aids in cushioning the flammable oil to protect it from the direct heat of the flame while it controls and lengthens the diffusion time. Candle lamps are preferred for night time diffusions especially during prayer and meditation.

Candle Diffuser

Diffusion crafts

Essential oils can be diffused using craft applications like reed diffusion and wax or cloth sachets. All these methods serve in dispersing essential oils into the atmosphere

Diffusion Crafts

Terra Cotta Diffusion:

Terra cotta clay is a porous ornament that absorbs the essential oil and disperses it across a tremendous internal and external surface area. Terra Cotta diffusion is the gentlest way of diffusing essential oils as no heat is involved.

Mists and Sprays:

Simple mixtures of water and essential oil provide the simplest and most synthetic-free way to create an aromatic l scent in the atmosphere.

Generally, dispersing essential oils into the air is safer compared to applying them directly on the skin. Caution should; however, be taken when diffusing them in public places as they can be irritating to some people. Also, avoid diffusing essential oils around infants under six months old.


This is a wonderful way of relieving stress and anxiety. Massage also increases peace and calm, decrease muscle tension and ease the pain. During an aromatherapy massage, essential oil molecules are absorbed through inhalation or they can also be absorbed through your skin.


Aromatherapy can help boost the relaxation benefits of meditation. For instance, meditating next to a scent lamp with the right blends helps focus on the inner self. Meditation lets you relax your mind, focus on a particular point of reference and take a mini-vacation from the stresses of day to day life.  Using essential oils amid meditation can build up the experience by grounding you and promoting a sense of peace and calming. Oils like Clary Sage, Lavender and Roman Chamomile are considered as essential oils for relaxation and can they can enhance the relaxed state of meditation. Any kind of diffuser can be used to diffuse selected meditation essential oil blend.

Aromatherapy for Meditation


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