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Vanilla Incense 8" 10 Sticks

Introducing our indulgent Vanilla Incense Sticks, a fragrant symphony that evokes the sweet nostalgia of natural vanilla's embrace. With each waft of the delicate Vanilla scented incense, you'll be transported to a world of comfort and delight.

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    Vanilla Incense 8" 10 Sticks Traditional Incense
    Vanilla Incense 8" 10 Sticks Sale price$4.73 Regular price$4.98

    Product Details


    Artisanally crafted using a blend of natural essence, herbs, wood, dried botanicals, and Joss powder, our natural Vanilla aroma sticks promise a slow and even burn. This best Vanilla fragrance incense enriches every instant with its captivating aroma and redefines luxury. 

    Contents: Each pack contains 10 Vanilla incense Sticks of length 8”

    Burning Time: Approx. 30 Mins

    Aroma: Rich and Sweet


    The Soothing scent Uplifts Mood and helps reduce stress.

    Enhances concentration and focus.

    Promotes a sense of well-being and tranquility.

    Good to know / Safety


    • Our natural incense sticks are non-toxic, hand-made, and eco-friendly.
    • Keep the product away from pets and children.
    • Do not consume the incense stick under any circumstances.
    • Experiment with various fragrances to match preferences and intentions.
    • Avoid any contact with eyes, inner ears, or sensitive areas.
    • Never leave a burning incense stick unattended.
    • Keep the incense stick away from materials that can catch fire.
    • Use a secure incense holder to keep the burning incense upright.
    • Only place the incense holder on a stable surface that is fire-resistant.
    • Fully extinguish incense after use.
    • Store unused sticks in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
    • Ensure proper ventilation in the room to prevent the buildup of smoke.

    Not sure How to use the product?

    Not sure How to use the product?

    Here is a detailed guide to the various benefits of burning incense and the ways to burn incense safely.

    Explore our How-To Guide

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    Brenda Elliott
    Quality items

    Great quality, enjoyable fragrance

    Adriana Lora Paiato

    I loved! Not strong, so perfect!