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Pet Marjoram Incense Sticks

Does your pet need relief from pests or stress? Our Marjoram Incense Sticks can provide much-needed relief from overactive emotions, stress, and anxiety, as well as pesky fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

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Marjoram possesses qualities recognized for their beneficial impact on the nervous system. It exhibits calming and sedative attributes, acting as a relaxant that can contribute to a peaceful resting period for pets.

Expertly formulated with 100% pure plant extracts, oils, a natural binding agent, and finely ground wood, the Marjoram pet incense sticks are meticulously hand-rolled to perfection. They release a pleasing aroma that is not only delightful for you but also mild and just right for your furry friends, ensuring a harmonious environment for both.


Each box contains 10 Marjoram Incense Sticks for pets, each measuring 4.5” in length.


Calms the pet during bouts of anxiety, & nervousness

Promotes restful sleep

Naturally repels mosquitos, fleas, and ticks

Helps mask and neutralize pet odors

Good to know / Safety


  • Crafted from natural, non-toxic ingredients, our pet-safe incense sticks offer a safe experience.
  • When trying different pet-friendly options, prioritize your pet's comfort and well-being.
  • Burn incense sticks in well-ventilated areas and keep rooms open so pets can leave if uncomfortable.
  • Introduce new scents cautiously after consulting with the vet and observing your pet's behavior for any signs of discomfort or adverse reactions.
  • Place burning incense sticks safely, away from pets' reach, to prevent accidental contact or knock-overs.
  • While our pet incense is mild, fragrances from burning incense for long hours can potentially overwhelm or irritate pets.
  • For curious pets, consider using incense sticks under supervision to prevent unintended ingestion.

Not sure if this product is right for your pet?

Not sure if this product is right for your pet?

Here is a detailed guide to the various benefits of Pet Incense and the ways to use the product.

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Megan sexton

Pet Marjoram Incense Sticks

Cathlin McGee
Authentic marjoram scent

Lovely great quality incense. Very happy.


Pet Marjoram Incense Sticks