Pet Marjoram Essential Oil

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Does your pet need relief from pests or stress? Marjoram essential oil can provide much-needed relief from overactive emotions, stress, and anxiety, as well as pesky fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Aromatic Profile

Marjoram essential oil has a warm, herbaceous, and woody aroma.


Emotional Well-Being

  •       Stress & Anxiety

Marjoram essential oil can ease your pet’s emotional distress and calm your pet during bouts of anxiety, nervousness, and irritability.

Physical Well-Being

  •       Immune System

Marjoram essential oil helps alleviate inflammation.

  •       Skin Care

Marjoram essential oil can help treat bacterial infections on your pet’s skin and can assist in wound care.

  •       Pest Repellent

A natural pest repellent, marjoram, is a safer alternative to chemical pest repellents on the market and can provide your pet with relief from mosquitos, fleas, and ticks.

  •       Pain Relief

Marjoram essential oil can provide pain relief for your pet’s aching muscles when massaged into the affected areas.


  •       Dilute and Apply Topically

Add 2-3 drops of the essential oil to 3 tablespoons of suitable carrier oil, such as our Jojoba