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Pet Chamomile Essential Oil


Is your pet feeling stressed or anxious? We have the perfect solution for you. Our 100% Pure Chamomile Pet Essential Oil is sure to promote feelings of calm and peace in your anxious pet (and you!). Chamomile is widely used for a number of health ailments, both physical and emotional. It is best known for its calming, soothing, and healing properties.

Aromatic Profile

Chamomile essential oil has a light, bright aromatic profile. Its scent is floral, sweet, fruity, and herbaceous. Originating from the Greek word khamaimelon, it means “earth apple,”  which invokes chamomile’s sweet and fruity scent.


Stress & Anxiety: Emotional Well-Being

Chamomile essential oil is a natural remedy for stress. It contains anxiolytic and sedative properties, which work to depress the nervous system, resulting in reduced anxiety. As a mild sedative, it can help calm the nerves of an overexcited, hyperactive, or anxious pet. It can be ideal for travel if your pet gets particularly nervous on trips. It can also be especially beneficial if your pet experiences separation anxiety or has experienced trauma of any kind. Chamomile is known to help alleviate PTSD, anxiety, and depression.


Chamomile can also help your pet overcome shyness and anxiety for better socialization with other pets and humans. Chamomile can help elevate your pet’s mood and provide emotional freedom by alleviating nervousness around other animals and humans.

Immune System:  ( Physical Well-Being)

Studies show that Chamomile helps strengthen the immune system, which can help your pet maintain good health.

Skin Care:

Chamomile is antimicrobial and antiseptic, so it can help relieve inflamed, itchy, irritated skin. It is soothing and helps to heal wounds when applied topically. This can be great for your pet’s skin irritations or flea bites

Gastrointestinal Care:

Chamomile is antispasmodic, helping alleviate indigestion, vomiting, IBS, and other digestive ailments. It also has a carminative effect (anti-flatulence), which can help ease an upset stomach and improve your pet’s overall digestive functioning.

Cardiovascular Health:

Chamomile is a tonic, which means it can help strengthen smooth muscle tissue such as the heart, bladder, and uterus in your pet.

Pain Relief:

Chamomile contains analgesic properties, which means it can provide pain relief for your pet’s aching muscles and joints when applied as an adequately diluted topical solution. This could potentially help your pet become more active again.




Dilute and Apply Topically:

Add 2-3 drops of the essential oil to 3 tablespoons of suitable carrier oil, such as our Jojoba or Sunflower carrier oil, and gently rub it on your pet’s skin. Always consult your veterinarian before topical use of essential oils on your pet, and then be sure to perform a patch test and wait 15 minutes to observe if your pet has any reactions to the oil before using liberally.


Alternatively, you can also add a few drops to a water-based diffuser in the room where your pet is. Do not use the oil in excessive amounts. Remember, a little will go a long way for your pet. Also, be mindful of your pet and provide them with the option of exiting the room should they feel they disagree with the scent.


Why Your Pet Needs Chamomile Essential Oil:

We source the ingredients for our essential oils from the plant's natural habitat to ensure purity and quality. Infused with 100% pure Chamomile extract, our Chamomile Essential Oil can help your pet in a multitude of ways, from emotional well-being to improving physical health, both inside and out. Chamomile essential oil promotes good health, peace, calm, and tranquility for the mind and body. Read on to see some of the ways chamomile can help your pet achieve greater health and happiness.


Internal use of essential oil is not recommended for pets.

Do not use essential oils on and around cats or dogs under 8 weeks old.

Do not put essential oils directly in your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, or genitals.

Consult your vet before using this oil for pregnant or nursing pets or those on medications, as well as pets under 10 lbs.


This bottle contains 10mL of 100% pure Chamomile Essential Oil for pets.

Did You Know


Chamomile essential oil is derived from the ancient flowering plant, Chamaemelum nobile, with its usage dating back to ancient Egyptian times. Because of its healing properties, it was used to cure fevers and even embalm pharaohs. Ancient Romans used it for its medicinal properties as well. Today, it is still used widely for its healing properties in addition to its calming effects. Chamomile essential oil has many uses and benefits not just for humans but for pets as well.

About Chamomile:

Chamomile contains flavonoids and terpenoids, key compounds that are known to be powerful antioxidants that help defend the body’s cells from damage caused by free radicals. Chamomile is known to be anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and contain analgesic properties, which have wide-ranging health benefits, both physically and emotionally.

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    Pet Chamomile Essential Oil
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