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Brass Incense Holder ( Buddha )

Elevate your spiritual journey with our Brass Incense Holder, 'Buddha'. Crafted with precision and reverence, this holder is a symbol of inner peace and enlightenment.

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Sale price$9.99
Brass Incense Holder ( Buddha ) Brass incense holder
Brass Incense Holder ( Buddha ) Sale price$9.99

Product Details


The intricately carved Buddha figure brings an aura of tranquility and spiritual depth to your sacred space. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Base Metal: Brass Casting

Color: Gold

Size: 6 cm




Aesthetic appeal

Artistic Value

Easy to Clean

Ideal Gift

Good to know / Safety


  • This product is hand-crafted so the textures and patterns will vary slightly.
  • Brass will naturally oxidize over time.
  • Place this incense holder for sticks on a stable surface.
  • Avoid placing it near flammable materials like paper or fabric.
  • Never leave burning incense unattended. Always stay nearby while the incense is lit.
  • Wait until the ashes are cool before disposing of them.
  • Keep incense holder with burning incense or hot ash away from pets and children.

Not sure how to use the product?

Not sure how to use the product?

Here is a detailed guide to the various benefits of burning incense and the ways to burn incense safely.

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Silvia Delgado

Love it!!!

Joshua Harrell
Great product

Beautiful, sturdy, and does the job