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Essential Oil Diffuser For Home Or Office (Shanthi)

De-stress and Relax with Shanthi, the essential oil diffuser for home or office. This aromatherapy diffuser humidifies the air, purifies the space, and spreads the goodness of essential oils around you. Ideal for home, office, yoga center, or spa.
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    Sale price$31.99
    Essential Oil Diffuser For Home Or Office (Shanthi)
    Essential Oil Diffuser For Home Or Office (Shanthi) Sale price$31.99

    Product Details


    The Shanthi electronic diffuser is a versatile and efficient device for dispersing essential oil fragrance throughout your office or home space. This Ultrasonic diffuser combines the latest diffuser technology and various useful features to bring you all the elements of a relaxing day.


    Product: Essential oil diffuser for home or office

    Water Capacity: 550mL / 500mL

    Dimensions:6.9 x 6.7 x 5.9 inches

    Timer mode: 1 hour / 3 hours / 6 hours / ON

    Mist Capacity:40-60mL/hour

    Duration:8-12 hours

    LED Colors: Red, blue, purple, green, yellow, white, pink, cyan


    Noise Level:20-25 dB

    Power Supply:AC 100-240V, DC 24V, 650mA

    Power Consumption:16W (for 550ml), 12W (for 500ml)

    Applicable Area: 20-30m2

    Material: PP/ABS/PC

    Unit G.w/N.w:570g/360g

    Contents: 500/550 ml diffuser, Adapter, Remote, User Manual


    • It can be used as a cool mist humidifier as well as an essential oil diffuser.
    • Enjoy Music or Audiobooks with the Bluetooth-enabled speaker in this diffuser which can connect to electronic devices which are within a 10-meter radius. 
    • Auto switch-off timer setting can be made for 1 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours. It can also be kept ON continuously. 
    • It can work for 10 to 15 hours without a water refill. 
    • The Waterless auto switch-off safety feature will kick in when the diffuser runs out of water.
    • The Whisper-quiet operation allows you to work or sleep without any distractions.
    • The LED light can be set to a certain color or made to switch automatically between 7 different colors. The brightness of the light can also be adjusted to be dim or bright.
    • Made from PP/ABS/PC materials which also protect the diffuser from corrosion and atmospheric oxidation.
    • It delivers fine and stable cool mist, increasing the air humidity without dampening your furniture or floor.
    • Comes with a remote control that allows you to turn on the diffuser from anywhere in the room.



    Noiseless operation


    Easy to clean or maintain

    Remote controlled

    Waterless auto switch off

    Ambient / night light

    Inbuilt Bluetooth Speaker

    Good to know / Safety


    • Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Place on a stable surface.
    • Keep away from children and pets.
    • Use recommended oils only.
    • Refrain from overfilling the water tank.
    • Keep away from sunlight and heat sources.
    • Maintain it clean to prevent the build-up of residue
    • Unplug when not in use.

    Need more details?

    Need more details?

    Explore our detailed guide to learn the benefits of essential oil diffusers and ways to use them.

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    Nicholas Csorba
    I didn't open yet but...

    I know Inscense Sticks delivers quality products. I have never seen a better place for these aroma therapy household items. They truly fill your home with a wonderful fragrance. Never disappointed.