Cinnamon Essential Oil

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Finding a prominent place in many traditional and Ayurvedic practices, Cinnamon and its essential oil have long been used for both its tastiness and healing properties.

The Cinnamon essential oil has found many medical uses, such as treating respiratory problems, aiding skin disorders and infections, all the way to curing cancer.

This bottle contains 10ml of 100% pure Cinnamon Essential Oil.

1)Cinnamon essential oil is a natural remedy for cough and cold.
2)Decreases bad cholesterol in the system
3) Cinnamon Essential oil has shown to have positive effects on insulin release, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
1. The aroma of cinnamon essential oil induces positivity when diffused in the room
2. Dilute Cinnamon Essential with a carrier oil, for a relaxing massage to relieve sore muscles
3. The cinnamon tea is best recommended for a sore throat. Add a drop of Cinnamon essential oil and two spoons of honey to a cup of tea.

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