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Ayurvedic Dhoop Sticks - Nannari

Product Description:

Experience the therapeutic qualities of this specially selected hand-rolled 100% organic Nannari dhoop sticks. Nannari herb harmonizes and creates a very meditative environment and is a recommended organic air purifier. The sticks are entirely organic and are made from chemical-free substances. The sweet and enticing blends of the dried herbal Nannari roots are blended with extracts that bring about the best aroma possible enabling a very cherished and divine experience for everyone present around the zone. Unlike other synthetic incense, which are commonly available in the market, our Dhoop sticks are 100% natural and charcoal-free. We pride ourselves in making our sticks 100% eco-friendly, pure and natural sourced through traditional methods.

Box contains 10 pieces of 100% Ayurvedic Nannari Dhoop sticks

- Raises positive vibes

- Relieves stress

- Brings calm

- Helps ease depression

- Lightens the mood

- Relieves stress and anxiety

- Eliminate foul smell vibes

Good to know:
With a refreshing and earthy aroma, Nannari herb essences give out lovely notes of a blend of vanilla, cinnamon, and almond. Prepared with a concoction of wild Jiggat wood, honey, and nannari roots, the most aromatic of the lot, the soothing properties are very many. Nannari herbs facilitate relaxing properties, helping focus on thoughts and also improving mind concentration. Nannari is very much used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and helps pacify doshas, reduceg skin irritations, and improve the immune system. More benefits include more effortless inhalation, relaxing and cooling capabilities.


Burning Time:
The burning time of incense sticks varies from brand to brand. It generally takes 20-40 minutes for a single stick to burn completely, depending on its brand, thickness, length, and quality.

Lighting the stick:
You can either choose to light the stick while you're holding it in your hands or when it's placed safely in an incense holder. The way to light the stick remains the same for both methods. Light the stick on its end with a match or a lighter as you would light a candle. Ensure that the end is immersed in the flame and until it ignites and a small flame is visible. Give it a minute and check for the ember and if a small amount of smoke is visible. Now extinguish the flame and place the stick on the holder in a safe place. Sit back and enjoy the aromatic therapy of these 100% natural incense sticks. Once the stick is completely burnt, make sure to safely dispose of the ash that's collected at the bottom of the holder. Clean the holder for ash deposits and repeat the process to burn the next set of incense sticks.

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Ayurvedic Dhoop Sticks - Nannari ayurvedic dhoop sticks
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