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Fragrances that make you happier

Happiness is an essential part of life and it doesn’t always have to be a pursuit. Aromatherapy takes us a step closer from trying to being. Aromatherapy is increasing used in treating depression and anxiety and plenty of studies credit aromatherapy for its positive results in their research. Aromatherapy for depression has been used since the Indus and Egyptian civilizations where fragrances of jasmine and rose were used to improve the mood and energise the mind and body.

We all have those dejected, low spirited days when even a good night’s sleep evades us. For those downcast days, when everyday activities need too much effort and smiling is hard work, try these 10 happy scents to calm your mind and cure your blues.

Here’s a whiff of 10 happy scents that are sure to make you happy and joyous

Ylang ylang-

Native to India, ylang ylang flower is known for its intense sweet and fruity-floral aroma. The fragrance is extremely sweet and alluring, it is used by major perfume brands like Chanel. You’re lucky if you can fine ylang ylang flowers which can make your entire house smell like a spring getaway. When that’s not possible, try out ylang ylang essential oils, which besides its enchanting fragrance, has excellent antidepressant and sleep aid properties. It has also known to lower blood pressure and calm anxiety and nerves.


Citrus notes are popular for their energizing and uplifting aroma. Lime tops the list with its admirable ability to reduce stress and anxiety. It improves the body’s respiratory function and normalises breathing pattern. It can be used with other essential oil blends to improve your mood and concentration.


Because who doesn’t love the scents of Christmas? The aroma of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes and butter cookies define Christmas. For those of us gourmand lovers who are kids at heart, vanilla is a must have. Major perfume labels such as Victoria’s secrets and bath and body works have their best sellers to be vanilla based. The warm and comforting aroma makes you feel cosy and happy. You can be sure to forget the cares of tomorrow as you soak yourself in the intoxicating warmth of vanilla


Lemongrass has a citrus and woodsy note to it. It is popular for its ability to help us cope up with panic and stress. Its soothing aroma calms the mind and helps to relax and de-stress, it also acts a potent antidepressant. Lemon grass is increasingly used in massages as studies show it reduces blood pressure and helps ease tiredness and stress


This is the go to ‘mood adapter’ fragrance. Lavender is known to reduce anxiety and panic bringing about a safe space feeling. It also helps fighting depression and sadness and brings about joy and happiness. It is used to overcome loneliness and low spirits. Lavender is also safe to be used around pets. It can be used to calm down pets during their much dreaded ride to the vet. The Linalool component of lavender makes it potent in reducing anxiety  and the methanolic extract of lavender makes it a potent sleep aid.


Geranium is known to uplift your spirit and calm your mind. It is helpful in reducing nervousness and panic. It also functions as an antidepressant. Its soothing and calming aroma is known to relax and help unwind. Studies show that pregnant women responded positively to geranium and that it can be used during labour to help the patients relax and stay calm.


There is a reason coffee is so adored. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee alone is enough to energise you get you ready to face that much dreaded day at work. Coffee lovers are frenetic, they are pretty much refreshed and driven through the day. Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system and causes you to be energetic, alert and active.

Clary Sage-

Clary sage has excellent anti depressant and relaxing properties and is useful in reducing stress and anxiety. Studies show that the use of clary sage reduced the depression in rats. Another study reported that Women with menstrual pain responded positively to the scents of clary sage. It also helped women in another study by reducing their nerves and blood pressure, calming them during labour.


This woodsy, much similar to rose, smelling essential oil was popularly used in the olden days to increase brain function as it was believed to increase attentiveness and concentration of the brain. It can be used to overcome dull and low days. Since it also acts as an antidepressant it comes in handy to beat those gloomy and lonely days.


Jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac meaning it instils feelings of love and romance. Eastern parts of the world where jasmine is grown abundantly, adorn their hair with jasmine. Jasmine is a symbol of beauty and sensuality. It also acts as an antidepressant and reduces the production of cortisol thereby acting as a stress inhibitor. It brings about feelings of happiness and joy and reduces negativity.


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