Let’s face it; You surely have bought those aroma candles , that looks so pretty and cost you a fortune, that you have almost given up burning them.There have been times when we have consoled ourselves to treasure these favorite candles only for special occasions, just for the fear of burning them out too fast.

Bring them out right away and use them as you please, cause these few tricks will help you prolong the life of your scented candles.

Does your candles have salt in them?

Scented Candles


Yes! This might seem a bit weird at first, but candles which have a pretty fair amount of salt in them along with the wax tend to burn longer and cleaner. However, if your candle doesn’t have salt in it, you can still do your little bit to make it last longer.

All you need to do is burn a candle and when a considerable amount of wax is produced, add a spoonful of salt to the melted wax, and this simple trick will make them last much longer.

Refrigerate them

As soon as you bring the packet of candles, instead of storing them in open, just put an entire bunch in the freezer. Later, when you want to use, just take them out and burn. You will observe that it lasts for a longer span of time.

Quality to the rescue

Mostly everything which is available in the market today is adulterated, and wax is no exception. To earn a profit, shopkeepers often mix nasty materials with wax which results in poor-quality candles. As it goes without saying, adulterated and poor quality candles won’t last for long.

Thus, while buying the candles, be sure to look and buy only the best scented candles made with high quality wax.

Mix them up - Both soy and beeswax candles

It is a popular belief that if you mix different types of wax while making a candle, it tends to last longer.

Wait no more, and get ready for this DIY project. All you need are the different types of wax. Beeswax, soy wax – take them all, and make your own candles that last longer.

Trim the candle wicks -making aromatherapy candles

It is always a safe practice to trim the length of your candle’s wick before burning it. This is probably because if the length of the wick is too long, the candle is sure to burn too quickly.

Color perfumed candles

In addition to following the above-mentioned tricks, also make sure that you place your candle at an optimum location. If you keep it near a window or a door where people walk past quickly, the flame of the candle would flicker quickly.

As a result, the wick will not get enough wax to heat and this might make the candle drip, smoke or burn on one side only.

Your Turn

Simply follow the above secrets and we’re sure, your candle would last longer!