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Article: How to make a potpourri- DIY Potpourri recipes

How to make a potpourri- DIY Potpourri recipes

How to make a potpourri- DIY Potpourri recipes

What is potpourri?

The use of preserved flowers and herbs for fragrances dates back to the early 17th century, where salt-treated flowers were then treated with aromatic substances, which was later adopted by the rest of the world. Used first in ancient France, potpourri gained popularity for its longevity and its efficiency. Potpourri plays an important role in aromatherapy which helps in improving the health of the body and mind. Fragrances have an impact on the central nervous system thus effecting changes in the mind and body such as reducing stress, anxiety, depression, improving work efficiency, focus, etc. The use of potpourri in aromatherapy has ever since risen and has become an essential part of everyday activities. Not only does it help with the betterment of our health but its unique chemical-free composition reduces the toxin build-up and makes it a safe-buy.

Potpourri how to use

  • Take a glass/ceramic bowl and fill it with potpourri (Read on to learn how to make your own potpourri from scratch)  
  • Add fixatives to the potpourri, whirling the mixture around to make sure it spreads evenly. Fixatives are substances that are used to increase the longevity of the fragrance by reducing the volatility of the essential oil used. 
  • Add a few drops of essential oil or an essential oil blends according to your mood and purpose (The strength and lifetime of the fragrance will depend on the amount of oil you add)

Potpourri acts as an effective replacement for incense by decreasing the smokes and fumes which can be harmful when inhaled. Besides, it can be refreshed and used multiple times by treating it with a fixative and adding the desired essential oil to it. Not only does potpourri smell divine, it also adds to the ambiance and beauty of the room with its striking colors and shapes. The simplicity and ease of use of potpourri make it a standard routine in most households.

Refreshing potpourri-

Among the many advantages of potpourri in aromatherapy, one of the most sought after benefit is its ability to refresh and energize. Citrus scents like lime, orange, grapefruit and, clementine are well endowed in overcoming lethargy and inactiveness. Its sharp and uplifting aroma enables us to energize, and feel more active and alive. Repower your system with the refreshing aromas of cinnamon and lemongrass or the sharp and striking fragrances of peppermint and tea tree, which are potent energizing essentials. Be it a dull day at work, or the unforgiving moods, see for yourself the goodness of a habitual refreshing potpourri.

Refreshing potpourri DIY recipes

Refreshing potpourri            4 - 5 drops of lemon + 3 drops of bergamot + 2 drops of lavender to make your energizing morning mix.Wake up to the energetic and refreshing scents of lemon and bergamot, and facing those dreaded days of work might not be so bad. 

  • Try the uplifting and encouraging aromas of peppermint and lemon for your work out and yoga sessions to make your workout sessions more likable and fun. 

               5 drops of peppermint + 3-4 drops of lime + 2-3 drops of rosemary  

  • Feel awake and active for those sleepy and dull days when getting off of the bed up is just beyond impossible by using tea tree and lime which are known for its sharp and uplifting aroma

              4 drops of tea tree + 4 drops of lime + 2 - 3 drops of jasmine

  • Be inspired and focused by the scents of sandalwood and ylang ylang which are prized for their ability to calm one’s mind, refresh and reinvigorate. 

               4 drops of sandalwood+ 5 drops of ylang ylang + 3 drops of geranium

  • When the weather is black and grey and all you want to do is cozy up and sleep, try energizing blend of orange and lemongrass

               5 drops of orange + 3-4 drops of lemongrass + 2 drops of rose

  • Stay fresh and active through the long days at work  with a simple blend of grapefruit and orange

              4 drops of grapefruit + 5 drops of orange + 2 drops of vanilla

             (The quantities of essential oil blends are for 1 cup of potpourri)

Stovetop potpourri and benefits -

Making potpourri by yourself is too simple to pass it by. The entire process takes no more than an hour and requires no major skills. Stovetop potpourri is gaining popularity for its customized shapes and colors which add to its aesthetics and style. A properly made stovetop potpourri, without overheating or mishandling of the ingredients, lasts for a year or more. Although, essential oils to improve the tenacity of the fragrance may be needed every couple of months. Here a few simple steps for you to follow to make a stovetop potpourri.

  • Collect fresh flowers, leaves, and twigs that you want to use for your potpourri. Dry it well to remove all the moisture content.
  • Spritz it with an essential oil mix and bake the mixture in the oven for 2 hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • (Once baked and cooled, treat it with a curing agent like salt which makes sure the flower does not degrade- optional)
  • Once you’ve done the drying, add color and décor to your potpourri or cut out designs to make the potpourri more attractive. Incorporate shapes of cones and nuts to add to the décor. Arrange the potpourri in a glass bowl or mason jar.
  • Add fixtures to the potpourri to make the fragrances last longer. The commonly used fixtures that you can use for your potpourri are sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood, clary sage, orris root, and vetiver.
  • Add 15-20 drops of essential oils of your liking or a personalized blend and mix it with the potpourri well. 
  • Set it by your study table or the cozy sit out to feel rejuvenated and alive.

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