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Article: Get your home ready for the holiday season

Get your home ready for the holiday season

Get your home ready for the holiday season

Holiday season has started and Christmas will be here even before we realize. During the holiday season people are usually on a shopping spree buying all sorts of products for Christmas and New Year. As everything around is on sale it is the best time to stock up on essentials and wellness products too. This year why not ditch the chemical based products and take a resolution to turn to natural products to clean and decorate your home. Natural products are safe for you, your family members, your pets and the environment.

Home makeovers have to be planned well ahead especially if you are going to be the one hosting a party. The house has to look clean and smell good when guests arrive. 

Here are some tips to clean and decorate your home using natural products. Make it feel good and smell good the nature’s way.

Clean and deodorize your home

Essential oil based cleaning agents are completely safe and non-toxic. Most Essential oils have anti-microbial properties and are natural deodorizers. A simple combination of, equal amounts of lavender, orange and tea tree essential oils, mixed with distilled water can be used as disinfectant spray for your household. 

There are various recipes online for the use of essential oils as cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer in the household. Choose the one that suits you best. 

1. Clean, detox and deodorize your kitchen: 

Essential oils like lemon, tea tree, orange, lemongrass, grapefruit, peppermint, cinnamon etc. can be included in your kitchen cleaning routine to clean and deodorize your table tops, countertops and cabinets.

Peppermint essential oil is very effective in warding off ants, cockroaches and spiders from the kitchen.

2. Clean and de-stain carpets: 

Essential oils that can be used to clean and deodorize carpets are Tea tree, lemon, pine or eucalyptus along with lavender oil. Lavender essential oil is effective in warding off fleas, ticks, ants and flies. Tea tree oil is also said to ward off bed bugs and dust mites effectively.

Use mixture in two ways




3. Clean and deodorize toilets:

Tea tree oil is said to be a tough cleaning agent which has strong disinfectant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Citrus based essential oils can act as deodorizer.

4. Use Natural air freshener or room spray:

Essential oil aromas that indicate thanksgiving, holiday season and Christmas spirit are fragrances like pine, cedarwood, wintergreen, cinnamon, ginger, clove, frankincense and myrrh. 
Check out some of our room sprays made from 100% natural ingredients.
Woody fragrances like pine or cedarwood go well with herbal fragrance like tea tree, floral fragrance like lavender, spicy fragrances like cinnamon, clove or peppermint and citrus fragrances like lemon or orange.
The use of Frankincense (woody fragrance) and myrrh (spicy fragrance) is very common in houses of worship and they have a long history with Christmas celebration. These 2 oils were said to be gifted by the three wise men to Baby Jesus.

5. Use Aromatic sachets or parcels for the cupboards and shoe cabinets:

Our cupboards, closets and shoe racks are prone to having the smell of mold or mildew especially during winters. Aromatic sachets can keep the moldy smell away from, inner walls of cupboards and cabinets where we store clothes, linens,jackets, shoes etc. 

If you are looking to buy aromatic sachets, then checkout our collection of aromatic sachets made out of natural ingredients.



Make as many parcels as you want. They can be put in drawers, linen cabinets or hung in cupboards or closets. These parcels can be kept even inside unused shoes and boots to remove the stench.

Rice helps in absorbing moisture and essential oils act as disinfectant and deodorizer. Essential oils also help in keeping the insects, spiders and pests away from the cupboards and cabinets. The parcel can be opened and re-filled with rice and essential oil mixture whenever the aroma reduces.


Now that the cleaning part is done it is time to decorate your home.

Decorate your home

1. Potpourris for your living room

Potpourri is a blend of dried flowers, leaves, pods, spices and seeds in combination with essential oils to provide a pleasant aroma.

If you are looking to buy natural Potpourris then check out our collection of 100% natural potpourris. Our handmade potpourris are filled with nature’s goodness and  infused with essential oil so that they are ready to spread the aroma when they arrive at your doorstep.

Potpourris can adorn the shelves and corners tables of your living room, bedroom or even bathroom.

If you have a beautiful garden with some lovely aromatic flowers then potpourri is a delightful way to preserve the fragrances of your garden. Harvest some lovely flowers and air dry them. All you need to make your own potpourris are some air dried flowers, essential oils and mason jars or bowls.

The holiday season is all about gifting. A small pack or jar of potpourri can make a wonderful gift. If you are aware of specific flavors or aromas that each of your family member or friend likes then you can also include a small bottle of essential oil or roll on perfume as part of the gift.

2. Use plants and flowers that can get rid of toxins

Replace all the artificial flowers in the living rooms and dining room vase with fresh colorful flowers. Some fresh flowers like chrysanthemum, or daisy and plants like aloe vera, areca palm, snake plant or money plant have the natural ability to purify air. 

After you are done decorating the christmas tree use a pine or cedarwood based natural room spray to add to the earthy and woody fragrance of the Christmas tree. Flowers like poinsettia not only add to the Christmas decor but also get rid of toxins in the room. Create a relaxing environment where people can unwind and enjoy the magic of Christmas

3. Use Natural aromatic candles

Candles made from natural wax and essential oils can be used to decorate the living room or dining table. They are non-toxic and release very little soot as they burn. Check out our 100% natural ayurvedic candles and soy wax candles.


If you are a crafty person then try making candles scented with essential oils at home. Natural wax like coconut wax, soy wax, palm wax, beeswax etc can be used. Use natural wicks made of cotton or jute so that there is less soot.

4. Use Essential oil diffusers and burners to spread the goodness and aroma of essential oils in your home

Diffuse the aroma of essential oils and enhance the overall vibe and mood of everyone in the house. 

According to Ayurveda, Essential oils are known to reduce stress & anxiety, improve digestion & immunity, relax the body muscles, soothe pain,  and enhance the overall energy in the body. Essential oil therapy or Aromatherapy is widely practiced to promote the overall well being of a person.

For Gatherings, choose a blend of essential oils that are mild, pleasant and soothing so that it suits everyone.

Diffusers are available in various shapes and sizes. For large spaces, a big electronic diffuser of capacity 1000 ml can be used. For small spaces, a small portable electronic diffuser of capacity 200 to 500 ml will be good enough. 

Ceramic burners are useful too and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Diffusers come in different colors and designs and make a good decorative piece or gift too. 

The latest model electronic diffusers are multipurpose and are equipped with colorful LED lights for ambient lighting and bluetooth speakers to play music. Your guests can enjoy music and aromatherapy simultaneously.


Enhance the aura within your house this holiday season with completely natural chemical-free products from What better gift can you think of than showering your family, friends and guests with nature’s blessings.

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