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Potpourri as the name suggests is a unique blend of dry flowers and leaves, pods, and seeds. Culled from the very heart of nature, they are all strikingly rich in color and fragrance. The handmade potpourri comes with a sweet fragrance all set to uplift your spirit and energy. The subtly scented potpourri is packed with the aroma of carefully picked essential oils and aesthetically packed in cellophane wraps. You can witness your ambiance filling up with a refreshing aroma.

Cinnamon Orange PotpourriCinnamon Orange Potpourri
Lavender PotpourriHow to make lavender potpourri
Sandalwood PotpourriNatural Potpourri - Natural Potpourri-Sandalwood
Natural Potpourri-Ocean BreezeNatural Potpourri - Natural Potpourri-Ocean Breeze
Frankincense BergamotNatural Potpourri-Frankincense Bergamot
Himalyan Forest Incense SticksNatural Potpourri - Natural Potpourri-Himalayan Forest
Vanilla PotpourriNatural Potpourri - Natural Potpourri-Vanilla