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Nag champa Incense 8" 50 Sticks

A delicious and spicy-enriched concoction of carefully picked and dried organic herbs, herbal leaves, roots and flower extracts, our Nagachampa Special Incense Sticks make an ideal addition in order to create a perfectly balanced and spiritually enhanced ambience.

The aroma has a woody smell with a sweet fragrance.

Each box is packed with 50 special incense sticks, each 8" in length.

Hand-crafted incense sticks

Toxic-free incense sticks

No Child Labour used


Nag Champa incense for Rejuvenation and Divine Peace

Ancient power


How to Use:

Light the end of the stick, let it burn for a few seconds, then blow the flame out. The stick will then smolder and smoke. Place in an incense burner, in a safe place. Do not leave unattended.



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Sale price$4.99
Nagchampa Incense Sticks
Nag champa Incense 8" 50 Sticks Sale price$4.99