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Guide to Apricot Carrier Oil

Apricot Carrier Oil
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Guide to Apricot Carrier Oil

Steeped in the traditions of ancient civilizations, Apricot Kernel Oil carries a legacy rooted in the healing practices of traditional Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine, enduring through the annals of time.

Apricot Oil for Skin, Hair & Health

Apricot Kernel Oil remains a staple for skincare, haircare, and health routines because of its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its time-tested qualities—softening, hydrating, rejuvenating, and nourishing—have made it a cherished companion in holistic well-being. Belonging to the same family of drupes as Almonds, Apricot Oil for skin stands as a versatile counterpart, offering comparable benefits to Almond Oil and serving as a valuable substitute in various applications.

Source: Apricot seeds
Extraction method: Cold Pressed
Color: Pale yellow to golden
Consistency: Smooth and light
Aroma: Mild, Nutty
Suitability: Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

Benefits of Apricot oil for skin & hair

Skin Softening & Nourishing
Apricot oil is a vitamin-rich elixir that softens, nourishes, and moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling supple and hydrated.
The oil's rejuvenating properties help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more youthful complexion.
Apricot oil for skin exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for soothing irritated skin and reducing redness.
With powerful antioxidants, apricot oil helps combat free radicals, contributing to overall skin health and vitality.
Hair Nourishment
Apricot oil when used for dry or damaged hair helps nourish, condition, and promote shine and manageability.
Resemblance to Natural Sebum
It is beneficial for maintaining skin balance as it closely resembles the oil naturally produced by our skin.

Ways to use Apricot oil for Skin, Hair & Nails

Daily Moisturizer

After cleansing your face, apply a few drops of apricot oil to your damp skin. Its lightweight texture and resemblance to natural sebum make it an excellent daily moisturizer.

Hair Conditioner
Blend a small amount of apricot oil for hair with Coconut oil and Almond oil. Massage it into your hair and scalp. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes before shampooing. This helps nourish and condition your hair, leaving it silky and manageable.
To soothe inflammation & Pain
Blend 6ml of apricot oil for skin with 20 drops of Lavender essential oil or jasmine essential oil and apply the mixture to sore muscles and joints.
Cuticle Care
Apply Apricot oil to your cuticles to keep them soft and hydrated. Massage a small amount into your cuticles regularly, especially before bedtime.


  • Patch test for Allergies: Individuals with nut allergies should perform a patch test before extensive use, as apricot kernels belong to the same family as almonds.
  • Purity: Choose cold-pressed apricot oil for the highest quality and to ensure the retention of its beneficial properties.
  • Storage: Store oil in a cool, dark place to prevent oxidation and maintain its freshness. Check the expiration date on the bottle.
  • Gentle for Sensitive Skin: Apricot oil is gentle and well-tolerated, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • Use in Moderation: While apricot oil for skin is generally safe, it's advisable to use it in moderation to avoid excessive oiliness, especially for those with naturally oily skin.
  • External Use: This oil is intended for external use only.