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Spiritual Incense

Some religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism, offer worship and thanksgiving by lighting scented incense sticks. The fragrance incense is meant to please the gods and invoke their presence. Spiritual incense sticks also serve to cause a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere in the room. Our offering Series contains spiritual incense that comes in delightful fragrances, making them an ideal addition to your rituals.
Lavender SticksIncense - Lavender Incense Sticks
Jasmine Incense sticksIncense - Jasmine Incense Sticks
Lotus IncenseIncense - Lotus Incense Sticks
Lotus Incense 10" 20 Sticks Sale priceFrom $3.49
Nightqueen FragrancesIncense - Nightqueen Incense Sticks
Mogra Incense benefitsIncense - Mogra & Rose Incense Sticks
Geranium Incense Incense - Geranium Incense Sticks
Geranium Incense 10" 20 Sticks Sale priceFrom $3.49
Parijat Incense SticksIncense - Parijat Incense Sticks
Tuberrose Incense - Tuberose Incense Sticks
Green Champa Incense sticksIncense - Green Champa Incense Sticks
Kewra IncenseIncense - Kewra Incense Sticks
Kewra Incense 10" 20 Sticks Sale priceFrom $3.49
Madumalathi Incense 10" 20 SticksIncense - Madumalathi Incense Sticks