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Pet Valerian Essential Oil

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Is your pet feeling hyperactive, restless, or distressed? Pet Valerian Essential Oil is a natural remedy to soothe and comfort your beloved furry companion. 

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Pet Valerian Essential Oil Pet Essential oil
Pet Valerian Essential Oil Sale price$25.99

Product Details


Valerian essential oil has been used for thousands of years to promote a sense of spiritual and emotional well-being, and this can work for your pet as well.  Harness the calming power of valerian to create a serene environment, promoting relaxation and well-being of your pet.

Contents:   This pack contains 10ml of natural and pure valerian essential oil for pets.

Aroma: Earthy, and musky aroma

Suitability: Suitable for dogs and cats but use with caution and in moderation for cats.

Benefits of Valerian Essential Oil for Pets

Calming and Relaxing

Sleep Support

Anxiety Relief

Good to know / Safety


  • For external use only. Ingestion of essential oil is not recommended.
  • Our essential oils are 100% pure and of the highest quality and are meticulously prepared in a way that is safe for your pets.
  • If your pet has any allergies or aversions to scents, don't use essential oils on them.
  • Always consult your veterinarian before the topical use of essential oils on your pet.
  • A little goes a long way. Dilute the essential oils well before using it so that the aroma is not overpowering for pets
  • While diffusing the oil in a room keep the door open so that your pet can exit the room if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Perform a patch test and wait 15 minutes to observe if your pet has any reactions to the oil before using it liberally.
  • Do not use essential oils on or around cats or dogs under eight weeks old.
  • Do not use essential oils on open wounds.
  • Do not use essential oils directly in the eyes, ears, nose, or other sensitive parts

Not sure how to use valerian essential oil for pets?

Not sure how to use valerian essential oil for pets?

Read our detailed guide to pet essential oils to understand the benefits and ways to use essential oils safely.

Guide to Pet Essential Oils

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