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Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most universally used essential oils, and with good reason. People have been using lavender for centuries. It is one of the most versatile oils, with uses reaching far and wide, and should be a mainstay in your pet first aid kit.

Aromatic Profile

The lavender essential oil has a sharp, rosaceous herbal floral aroma. Its scent is said to be soothing, calming, and deodorizing.


Emotional Well-Being

  •       Stress & Anxiety

If your pet has trouble with car sickness or sleeping; or suffers from anxiety or agitation, lavender can help provide a soothing sense of calm for your furry friend.

Physical Well-Being

  •       Immune System

Lavender possesses many immune-bosting properties and can help eliminate harmful bacteria and infections. As lavender helps balance hormones and relieve stress, this can help improve your pet’s overall immune health.

  •       Skin Care

Lavender essential oil is antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and soothing. As such, it can be used to treat many skin conditions by disinfecting and soothing dry, itchy, irritated, or inflamed skin, whether from existing skin conditions or insect bites or stings.

  •       Pain Relief

As an analgesic, lavender is pain-relieving and is a must-have if your pet suffers from joint pain or arthritis.

  •       Odor and Flea Relief

The lavender essential oil has a very pleasant and clean-smelling aroma, and as such, can be an excellent deodorizer for your pet. It is also a natural flea, tick, and mosquito repellant.


  •       Dilute and Apply Topically

Add 2-3 drops of the essential oil to 3 tablespoons of suitable carrier oil, such as our Jojoba or Sunflower carrier oil, and gently rub it on your pet’s skin. Always consult your veterinarian before topical use of essential oils on your pet. Then, be sure to perform a patch test and wait 15 minutes to observe if your pet has any reactions to the oil before using liberally.


  •       Diffuse

Alternatively, you can also add a few drops to a water-based diffuser in the room where your pet is. Do not use the oil in excessive amounts. Remember, a little will go a long way for your pet. Also, be mindful of your pet and provide them with the option of exiting the room should they feel they disagree with the scent.

Why Your Pet Needs Lavender Essential Oil

We source the ingredients for our essential oils from the plant's natural habitat to ensure purity and quality. Infused with 100% pure Lavender extract, our Lavender Essential Oil can help your pet in many ways, from emotional well-being to improving physical health, both inside and out. Lavender essential oil promotes good health, peace, calm, and tranquility for your pet. It helps relieve pain and inflammation and can help treat skin wounds and irritations. Lavender can help your pet achieve greater health and happiness.


Internal use of essential oil is not recommended for pets.

Do not use essential oils on and around cats or dogs under 8 weeks old.

Do not put essential oils directly in your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, or genitals.

Consult your vet before using this oil for pregnant or nursing pets or those on medications, as well as pets under 10 lbs.


This bottle contains 10mL of 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil for pets.

Did you know


The lavender essential oil comes from the lavender shrub, a woody, evergreen shrub that originates in the Mediterranean and northern Africa. Lavender is a member of the mint family, Labiatae. The botanical name, Lavandula angustifolia, has its origins in Latin, deriving from ‘lavera’ which means ‘to wash.’ Ancient Romans used lavender as part of their bathing routines.

About Lavender

Lavender contains monoterpenes, giving it its many healing properties, which include

Antiseptic, antibacterial,  antidepressant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, deodorant, sedative, and carminative. Our potent Lavender Essential Oil is an ideal natural remedy for any number of your pet’s ailments.

Delivery was timely. Product looks and smells fantastic, and they included two free incense packs. I have not used it as it is a Christmas gifts for my parents who smoke often and light a lot of incense to cover the smell. However I’m sure they’ll love it! Aaliyah Broussard
First of all, the service is amazing! I placed my order, and it shipped the very next day. From order to delivery, I had my products in four days. Everything was well-packaged. The scents are amazing, and are intense without being overwhelming. This time, I ordered Lavender, Patchouli, and Musk for the humans, and Frankincense for the fur kids. We were all pleased. I can't wait to order again! Kim Schach
Brass incense holder- Really top shelf product - heavy & sturdy... my wife loves it!!! Vaughn Quan Hem
These incense sticks, as well as others I have purchased from your store, are always of excellent quality. The scents are always beautiful! Linda Nilson
Good Experience! I was happy with the whole process with easy ordering shipping was good and I was happy with what I received. I will order from incense sticks again. Mark Coryell
Very happy with my purchase. I love that they offer sample sizes. Too many times have I bought a pack of incense not knowing what they smell like burned, only to burn one, find out i hate it and throw the entire pack away. I love their Evergreen and Orange Blossom scents are AMAZING, I highly recommend giving them a shot if those are scents you enjoy. It's only been 14 days and I'm already about to place another order. Karen Lehman
So happy with all the incense I purchased! Great quality, clean ingredients, burns great and smells great. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Kristy Brigman
These are so mild yet they have a wonderfully strong aroma. They aren't expensive and service was very fast. I'm looking forward to ordering more and with such a variety to choose from I just may to become a regular customer. Thank you for the quality of a great product. Shad
These are so mild yet they have a wonderfully strong aroma. They aren't expensive and service was very fast. I'm looking forward to ordering more and with such a variety to choose from I just may to become a regular customer. Thank you for the quality of a great product. Rena Kilgore

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