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Fragrances for Yoga

yoga and Meditation Fragrances

Nurture your Mind & Body with Yoga Fragrances

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Essential Oil Diffuser For Large Spaces (MAHAN)Essential Oil Diffuser For Large Spaces (MAHAN)
Sandalwood Incense SticksSandalwood Incense Sticks
Chakra Incense Setchakra balancing incense kit
Chakra Incense Set Sale price$18.95
Muladhara Incense SticksIncense - Muladhara Incense Sticks
Manipura Chakra IncenseIncense - Manipura Incense Sticks
Yoga Incense - Patchouli fragrancePink Incense Sticks
Pink Incense Sticks Sale price$9.99
Svadhisthana Incense sticksIncense - Svadhisthana Incense Sticks
Yoga Incense SticksGreen Incense Sticks
Frankincense BergamotNatural Potpourri-Frankincense Bergamot
Yoga Incense  - Cinnamon FragrancesOrange Incense Sticks
Sold outLavender Essential oillavender essential oil benefits
Lavender Essential Oil Sale price$14.99
Sahasrara Incense sticksIncense - Sahasrara Incense Sticks
Ajna Incense sticksChakra incense - Ajna Incense Sticks
Ajna Incense 8" inch 12 Sticks Sale priceFrom $2.99
Sold outYoga incense - Ylang Ylang Yellow incense Sticks
Visudha Incense 8" inch 12 SticksIncense - Visudha Incense Sticks
Anahta Incense Sticks - Chakra IncenseIncense - Anahata Incense Sticks
SANDALWOOD REED DIFFUSERDiffuser - Reed Diffuser- Sandal
Manipura Essential Oil
Manipura Essential Oil Sale price$14.99
Anahata Essential oils
Anahata Essential Oil Sale price$25.99
Ajna Essential Oil
Ajna Essential Oil Sale price$22.99
Svadhisthana Essential Oil
Sahasrara Essential Oil
Sahasrara Essential Oil Sale price$23.99
Muladhara Essential Oil - Chakra
Muladhara Essential Oil Sale price$24.99
Vishuddha Essential Oil - Fifth Chakra
Vishuddha Essential Oil Sale price$16.99