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Have you ever thought about the ingredients used in the products that you use on a daily basis. Most shampoos and soaps are made of synthetic and toxic ingredients that are harmful for you and the environment. Our personal care products are made only using natural ingredients and sealed with all the goodness. Explore our products to experience Nature's bounty to the mankind.

Multani Mitti SoapMultani Mitti Soap
Multani Mitti Soap Sale price$3.99
Hair Wash PowderHerbal Hair wash Powder
Hair Wash Powder Sale price$7.99
Oatmeal ShampooOatmeal Shampoo
Oatmeal Shampoo Sale price$6.49
Neem Powder - Neem PowderBenefits of Neem Powder
Neem Powder Sale price$4.99
Rose Water
Rose Water Sale price$6.99
Aloe Vera GelAloe Vera gel for Face and Skin
Aloe Vera Gel Sale price$5.99
Neem CombNeem Comb
Neem Comb Sale price$3.49
Patchouli Roll on PerfumesPatchouli Roll on Perfumes
Ylang-Ylang Roll on PerfumesRoll-On Perfumes - Ylang-Ylang-Perfumes
Lemon Roll on PerfumesRoll-On Perfumes - Lemon Scented Perfumes
Lemon Roll on Perfumes Sale price$7.99
Sandalwood Roll on Perfumebest sandalwood perfume - Roll on Perfume
Lavender Roll on PerfumesLavender Roll on Perfumes
Neroli Roll on PerfumesRoll-On Perfumes - Neroli-Perfumes
Neroli Roll on Perfumes Sale price$9.99
Mogra Roll on Perfumesbest neroli perfume
Mogra Roll on Perfumes Sale price$9.99
Geranium Roll on PerfumesGeranium Roll on Perfumes
Tea Tree Roll on PerfumesRoll-On Perfumes - Teatree-Perfumes
Neem ShampooNeem Shampoo - Neem Shampoo
Neem Shampoo Sale price$5.99
Aloe Vera SoapAloe Vera Soap - Aloe Vera Soap - 50 Gm Pack
Aloe Vera Soap Sale priceFrom $2.49
Mosqui Body lotion for Babies and adultBody Lotion - Mosqui Body Lotion
Mosqui Body Lotion Sale price$7.99
Natural Bath ScrubNatural Bath Scrub - Natural Bath Scrub
Natural Bath Scrub Sale price$2.99
Bamboo Charcoal SoapBamboo Charcoal Soap
Bamboo Charcoal Soap Sale price$3.99
Neem Turmeric SoapNeem Turmeric Soap
Neem Turmeric Soap Sale price$3.99
Sandalwood SoapSandalwood Soap
Sandalwood Soap Sale price$3.99
Tea tree SoapTea tree Soap
Tea tree Soap Sale price$3.99
Copper Tongue CleanerCopper Tongue Cleaner
Copper Tongue Cleaner Sale price$3.99