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Soywax Terracotta Candles

Breathe in some of the most soothing aromas from our 100% natural Soy Wax candles, offering a soft, gentle scent but powerful enough to soothe, calm and clear the mind. These handmade Soy wax terracotta candles are made from natural soy wax, IFRA standard perfumes and dried flowers. The terracotta base will add a more earthy and rustic look to your décor.

The Box contains 45 gm of soy wax candle


  • Soy wax is renewable and biodegradable
  • Burns cleaner
  • Longer burn time 
  • Ideal for aromatherapy 
  • Terracotta base allows the candle to release its fragrance more effectively


Make sure you always use the right number of candles according to the room size. Every 10sq.ft of space will require 8 gm of wax to make the fragrance standout. If your living room is larger, burn more number of candles to make sure the whole room smells amazing. 

Good to know:
The handcrafted candles are made from non-toxic and bio-degradable natural soy wax. The natural property of soy can change the texture or the coloration of the wax, however, none of these affect the quality of the candles.

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Soywax Terracotta Candles Terracotta candle
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