Burning incense sticks - Frankincense Do's and Don'ts

There is nothing as soothing and calming as the fresh and relaxing aroma of a burning incense stick. An incense stick can lighten up your mood and pacify your spirits. However, you should be extremely careful when lighting an incense stick.

Well, perhaps this is because an unattended incense stick can prove to be a major hazard and might even burn down your house if not properly taken care of.

That said; all you need is a bit of care, as burning an incense stick is an easy and effortless process. Just place the incense stick in an incense holder and light the top end of the stick with the help of a match. Make sure that the top of the incense stick has properly been lit and is burning.

To get the best out of your incense stick, and to create a perfect ambiance, it is necessary that you use it properly

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that would guide you better

Do’s of lighting an incense stick

1. Always keep your incense stick on a burner that is flameproof and is meant for the purpose.

2. It is highly recommended to keep the agarbatti burner on a heat resistant surface, like a trivet or a ceramic tile.

3. Always place the incense stick in a place which is free of any flammable materials like clothes and paper. Incense sticks burn at extremely high temperatures and can cause a fire if they come in contact with flammable material. Keep the incense stick away from drapes, lampshades, and other flammable material.

4. The ash from the incense stick can cause discoloration to your furniture. Also, it can become a fire hazard if the incense stick comes in contact with the fixtures, cabinets, tables, and other furniture.   

5. Burn the incense stick only in a well-ventilated area. Do not light incense in a closed room or inside a cupboard.

Using Incense Sticks

Don’ts of burning an incense stick

1. An incense stick is not safe to throw away when it is not completely extinguished. A burning incense stick that has been carelessly tossed into the bin can quickly trigger a fire and cause a mishap.

2. Never keep incense sticks within reach of children, pets, and babies. It can cause serious burns and scars if touched accidentally.

3. It is safe to avoid incense sticks if you have any breathing disorders such as asthma. Please consult with your physician.

4. Some incense sticks have mind-altering effects due to their herbal content. Always check the effects of your incense.  

5. Never leave an incense stick lit and unattended in your home.

6. An incense stick should not be consumed orally, no matter what.

Your Turn ( lit Incense) :

You might prefer to light an incense stick to balance your emotions and lift up your spirits. However, you should always avoid touching it when it is burning. Further, make sure that it is being lit in a well-ventilated area. Any source of fire should be considered dangerous and treated with at most care and attention as even the smallest of cinder is enough to become a huge fire.

Although an incense stick might not pose a serious fire threat, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. By sticking to the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts and with some care, you surely can prevent any mishap from happening.    

What are your views on this? What best practices do you adopt while burning an incense stick? Do let us know in the comments.