Cedarwood Essential Oil


With its powerful antiseptic properties, our Cedarwood Essential Oil can help repel pests, fleas, and ticks from your canine friends. A terrific natural pest repellent that is safe for everyone. 

Pets being very active and playful are likely to be infected by fleas by playing in the dirt. Rub a few drops of our cedarwood oil in your pet’s fur to make it feel clean, and fresh.

The therapeutic benefits of this wonder ingredient don’t just end here. It also serves as an expectorant for cough, enhances blood circulation, and also helps calm the nerves of pets and reduce aggression.

All in all, it is a perfect remedy for many of your furry friend’s problems. 

This bottle contains 10mL of 100% pure Cedarwood Essential Oil for pets.


  • Boosts hair growth
  • Relieves cough and itchy throat
  • Pacifies nervous aggression
  • Acts as an antiseptic to repel pests 

Aromatic Profile

Nutty, woody, sweet


Add 2-3 drops of the essential oil to 3 tablespoons of suitable carrier oil and gently rub it on your pet’s skin. Alternatively, you can also add a few drops to a water-based diffuser in the room where your pet is. Do not use the oil in excessive amounts. A little will go a long way for your pet.

General Directions

  • For cats, small dogs, and other smaller animals (hamsters, rats, rabbits, puppies, and lizards) we suggest a 9:1 ratio of carrier oil to essential oil.
  • For medium-sized dogs dilute 4:1 carrier oil to essential oil.
  • For large dogs—dilute 3:1 carrier oil to essential oil.
  •  For very large animals—including horses and cattle—you can use a 1:1 dilution.


  • Internal use of oil is not recommended.
  • Do not use essential oils on and around cats or dogs under 8 weeks old because they are developing at fast rates; it is easy to mess up the proper dilution for each breed.
  • Do not put essential oils directly in the eyes, ears, nose, or genitals of your pet.
  • Consult your vet before using this oil for pregnant or nursing pets or those on medications.

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