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Product Description:

Enrich your aromatic experience with our 100% naturally hand-rolled Jatamansi flavored Dhoop sticks. One of the simplest and purest fragrances found naturally, Jatamansi has been used widely from ancient times and has been credited to be an amazing product for religious festivities and for daily spiritual sessions. The Jatamansi herb is intensely aromatic and equally sedative, it’s an original combination of natural botanicals, extracts, and natural resins. Burning natural incense sticks in our living spaces, transform our areas into a very positively driven environment. It also supports the energy levels in our body and mind. Unlike other synthetic incense which is commonly available in the market, our Dhoop sticks are 100% natural and charcoal-free. We take great pride in making our sticks 100% eco-friendly, pure and natural sourced through traditional methods.

Box contains 10 pieces of 100% Ayurvedic Jatamansi flavored Dhoop sticks

- Raises positive vibes

- Relieves stress

- Inspires Creativity

- Helps ease depression

- Lightens the mood

- Relieves stress and anxiety

- Eliminate foul smell vibes

Good to know:
The powerfully aromatic and sensual Jatamansi sticks are especially from a combination of naturally available herb and botanical extracts and resins. The sticks are dipped into essential oils that create a positive and relaxing atmosphere, spreading positivity and helping unwind the mind after a  long day of work. Jatamansi essential oils are widely used for making perfumes, incense sticks apart from various other fragrance-based items. The herb is quite potent, beneficial in boosting the mind's performance, and possesses soothing and relaxing properties. All sticks contain 100% natural organic elements and are chemical-free.