Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as the right time to burn incense sticks? Well the answer to that is, there is! Incense sticks are synonymous with creating a perfect aura owing to the many different fragrances that they are available in, each one unique in its own way. Although you can burn an incense stick whenever you feel like, still, it is best if you specifically burn them during the following occasions:

Incense for prayers

right time to Burn Incense


Incense for meditation

Needless to say, meditation needs absolute focus and concentration. Establishing a connection between the body and the soul is key. Meditation incense sticks with its mild fragrances are able to unify all the different senses by influencing the level of focus and concentration. It is advised to burn subtle flavors of incense while meditating as strong scents could divert your concentration.

Incense for spa therapy

Nothing like a relaxing massage to help you unwind. Add invigorating incense to it, and you are sure to step out completely energized. Incense sticks are said to have an overall calming effect on both the body and mind. This is the reason that traditional spas make burning incense sticks an essential part of spa therapy routine. So, if you decide to bring the spa home, you should consider burning aromatic incense sticks for a soothing backdrop.

Incense for healing

Our human body has is own mechanism of healing and detoxifying periodically. But after a long tiring day at work lighting up an incense stick can intensify this effect. It helps you declutter your thought and will gradually calm you down. The soothing aroma of the incense stick benefits by triggering internal healing that is a must for the overall well-being.

Things to Take Care Of While Burning Incense Sticks

While incense sticks are all about creating a soothing, calming and pleasant atmosphere, care should be taken while burning them. Here are a few incense burning tips to pay attention to:

Yoga Incense sticks- Orange     Incense holder


We hope that the above-mentioned pointers would have helped you in understanding the basic nuances related to burning incense.

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